May 20th, 2006

#3 Intervention

I had a really weird dream last night. My son Spyton, my sister Molly and I were all going to be in an outdoor show for my old high school and we were about to take the stage and I suddenly realized I wouldn’t be able to do the complicated choreography properly because I had to be playing the guitar. Also my cowboy hat didn’t match theirs. To top it off, Spyton told me that a lot of people wouldn’t get the joke because they didn’t play Halo. I mean, come on, everyone plays Halo… so they would totally get the words to the song “Pwn My Heart“, wouldn’t they?

Too. Much. Halo.

While you mull that over, here’s another installment of my epic “Forbidden Love” Halo action figure theater. Yeah, I am kinda weird.

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