May 30th, 2006

#5 The Foundling (L’orignal de la mort)

I LOVE being alive right now. There are so many innovations – it seems like every week there is some new delight to make lives easier. But of course, that means I am terribly spoiled. When my internet connection goes down I feel completely cut off from the world and miserable. Which is silly because I managed to live 35 years of my life without the Internet just fine. Also, feeling at all sorry for myself is completely contemptible considering how miserable the majority of humanity is.

My sister works for NavTeq (they do the mapping of the world for Mapquest and Google and those GPS things in fancy cars) and just got promoted to be in charge of like 1/3 of the planet or something, so she is touring a bunch of the offices. This week she is in Delhi and was horrified to see children sleeping literally on the street, beggars and the generally deplorable state of much of the population. I have a friend who works for Helen Keller International, and he is always traveling to the poorest and most miserable parts of the world to distribute assistance. He’s told me some absolutely horrible stories, yikes.

By this I don’t mean that anyone should feel guilty about having access to the nice amenities granted by Western civilization. I think that just saps you of emotional strength and doesn’t help anyone. Rather, be appreciative of the luxuries (like clean water) and security you have at present. When you are older and have the funds and time to spare, then help out where you can.

Okay. Since you sat through that little lecture, here is more Halo Action Figure Theater. For those (two) of you eagerly awaiting the next installment of Steve and Lois’s adventures, here ya go. Part Five (“Cinq”): The Foundling (“L’orignal de la mort”).

4 Responses to “#5 The Foundling (L’orignal de la mort)”

  1. MCjediknight117 Says:

    Nice photo shop there in the second panel.

  2. Deth Invictus Says:

    But I AM Canadian – I’m just an illegal alien, too! 🙂

  3. grif Says:

    i think having an elite on your baskball team is onfair,cool, but unfain considering that an elite is stronge,taller, faster, jump hier, quicker,and more built for athletics than humans
    love HAFT

  4. Master Chief dude Says:

    Me likey likey likey:)
    Great posing.

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