August 16th, 2006

#14 Poorly Disguised Part One (La Visage de la Terreur)

Double Issue photographed at the 2006RvBTO: RedVsBlue Toronto Convention.

Panel 2 shows some of the convention goers milling around

Panel 3 shows the con organizers giving a gift to Dan and Kathleen (voices of Donut and Tex). Nico is on the far right.

Panel 4 is Nico (of Trocadero – they do the soundtrack for with a cardboard cutout of a forum member stationed in Iraq

Panel 5: Kathleen Zuelch and Dan Godwin

Panel 6. Lois rides Lukie. Watch for Lukie as the Leader of the UNSCDF in future HAFTs

Panel 7: The RvBTO Con Committee

Panel 8: BigNiceJohn attempts to eat Lois. Watch for his photo in Steve’s mom’s bedroom in future HAFTs

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  1. MCjediknight117 Says:

    kick ass

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