October 20th, 2006

#32 Banshee Footsie (Le Dame Blanc)

Ah…. so some of you are beginning to see my madness has a method, right? Muhahahaha!!!!

PS: Can any of you guess what I called Aletheia‘s sister ship? Remembering of course that I name just about everything in this series after something Halo or RvB-related….

EDIT (one hour later): MadMac_5 for the win! Indeed, Aletheia is Greek for “Truth” and thus her sister ship is the “Reconciliation”. Katallagei? I have no idea. I’d looked it up and according to Babel (and we’ve seen how accurate that is, lol) … the way to translate Truth and Reconciliation into Greek is:

which sounding it out is something like: Aletheia kai symphiliosi

…which I thought might be right since sym = together, and phile= love… right? I like the word Katallagei better… it sounds less like a venereal disease….

I don’t suppose we have any native Greek speakers around, do we, to give us the proper idiomatic term?

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