October 27th, 2006

#33 Mind in the Gutter (Un groupe d’Indiens est apparu sur le haut de la colline)

As we near the HAFT season one finale, I have some plot points for you to consider:

1. Why is Steve’s mom on the Aletheia, and what is it about her that Admiral Norris finds so fascinating?

2. Why does John-617’s highly intelligent and competent girlfriend “Six” have crappy old Mark V armor?

3. Why was Steve so easily tricked by Jill?


EDIT (in response to M_O_DuFrense): See, now, again, you just assume I did that whole scene just to have a naughty insinuation, when actually what I really needed was the line, “Help Col. O’Hara get dressed”. Hmmm…. I wonder why? Discuss. And no, there is a definite reason Six has Mark V armor.

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