The Handshake Thing

November 10th, 2006

So, someone asked what the deal was with the handshakes when my son Spyton and I went to the Mackies (Machinima Awards Ceremony in New York). Here our meeting with Burnie and Matt from RedVsBlue is dramatized in this thrills-a-minute Halo Action Figure Theater:

The reason I was particularly impressed with Burnie’s handshake was that earlier that day I had received the absolute worst handshake I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. I received said handshake-of-death from a nice enough fellow but he shook my hand the way an 86-year-old woman would handle a dead rat. He sort of lightly grasped the side of my palm with the pads of two fingers and his thumb and then slipped off my hand in a slithering sort of way. It was really weird. Anyway, Burnie gives excellent handshake. As does Alsace, LouisWu and most people I met in NYC. I don’t think I shook hands with a lot of people though. I was in fangirl mode, which called more for shy waving. I think there was waving at Matt. Yes, I am SO intimidating and impressive.

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