November 16th, 2006

#35 Room With a View (La pluie en Espagne)

Okay, here is next installment of Steve n’ Lois. How many Marvel plots can you spot that I’ve ripped off here? I’ve been ripping them off all along, but I thought I’d review for Jengaship, who might be feeling a little sad about the whole Reign of Terror Featured User thing [at]. I know he is a Marvel fan like me, and it might give him a giggle. I should also mention that the character “Brad” is rumored to be the fourth Summers brother… but I couldn’t fit it into the four panels.

HAFT Fun Fact: Chuck Norris’s actual first name is Carlos. Professor Xavier, head of the X-Men, who had a twin who could read his mind and move outside his sense, much as Venom can move outside Spider-Man’s Spidey Sense, is named Charles.

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