Elnea & OboeCrazy on Late Night Jenga Jam

January 13th, 2007

EDIT (1/14/07): “OH NOES!” I hear you exclaiming, “I MISSED IT! Now I won’t know what the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT was!”Never fear. You can go HERE to download or listen to the podcast, which clocked in just under two hours (although Jenga might have pared it down) and as for the special announcement, well, it has to do with YOU BEING IN OUR NEXT MACHINIMA!

SECOND EDIT (12/19/07): That was for extras for the I Want Master Chief Video.  Also, OboeCrazy ended up having a regular spot on JengaJam called This Week in Geek.  Ha!  You canhear her every week at the link given above.

Original post: Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow (Sunday, Jan 14) for OboeCrazy and my big appearance on Jengaship’s Late Night Jenga Jam podcast, 7PM EST. Remember, although a phonecall in isn’t free, you can listen or text chat for free and the talkshoe account is free. Be warned that some topics may be unsuitable for small children or the easily offended. Especially if you are offended by ophthalmologists.

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