January 27th, 2007

#46 Schmastral Plane (Jacques Brel est vivant et bon)

Here’s the next HAFT. If any of you know who the action figure is in the last panel you can have some of my paltry 8 mod points. The hint is that he is a disputed character, and evidently several people claim to own his license. I got him a while back, mostly because I thought he would look cool for this exact purpose in HAFT. Yes, I am caught in a horrifying and self-perpetuating cycle of photographing action figures, seeing a need for new action figures, purchasing action figures, photographing action figures, etc., etc., etc.

I need a 12-step Action Figure Theater program intervention!

PS: I sat and thought for a long time (about 40 seconds) about whether the correct term should be astral plane or astral plain. I see it written both ways on the web. A plain would be like the description of a vast flat area of geography, like “the plains of Africa,” whereas a plane is a geometry word to describe something defined by three points in space. If we think of this mythical place as an actual place, then it seems to me it should be “The Astral Plain”, but if it is some sort of freaky hyperdimensional weirdoland where Doctor Strange and the X-Men always go to fight galactic terrors outside of the flow of time, then “The Astral Plane” seems like a more valid and technobabbly term.

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