GI Joe Chief Petty Officer

April 9th, 2007

I got some really nice gifts for my birthday, including a large box of sponge candy from Buffalo (thank you Lauren!) and a glass frog from my sister (yay!), but probably the gift I received that will make you all the most jealous was the entire first season of She-Ra, Princess of Power on DVD which I got from my Dad. My baby sister screamed when I told her on the phone and it was a deep, guttural shriek of the damned too. I could hear her head turning all the way around as she cried out,”GaAAAHhhhHHHH!!! SheeEEEE-RahHHHH!!! I’m soOOosoOOO jealoussSSsSS!”

My family is kind of weird.

On Saturday an item came in the mail that I’d found on eBay, and so I decided it also counted as a birthday package as well… yes, it is Naval Chief Petty Officer GI Joe.

Spartan Barbie thinks he is dreamy. I think Chuck has some pretty tough competition there. Oh! And he comes with a blue uniform and also dress whites… and little socks. So cute! I mean, so manly! MANLY!

As a Halo fan, I just think he is the best GI Joe ever. (For those of you who haven’t read the Halo books (yet), all the Spartans have the rank of Chief Petty Officer, except for John 117, who is the character you play in the Halo games. He has the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, and that is why the other in-game characters call him “Master Chief”.)

Also, this GI Joe is just cool. And the packaging is cool. I’ve always liked GI Joes and as a kid always felt deep resentment toward my male relatives who got cool GI Joe dolls with king fu grip and guns and cars and gear and tigers and other cool accessories when I was stuck with my Dawn doll that came with a purse. You look at a GI Joe and you just feel proud, because… I mean, look how tough he looks! Military uniforms make any man (or woman… or action figure) look incredibly strong and well-groomed and awe-inspiring. And military people just carry themselves in a way that engenders respect.

Go Navy!

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