OT: Halo Unyielding 2 soundtrack

July 7th, 2007

Woo hoo!

So guess what is done?

That’s right! I actually finished the soundtrack and foley. One week! Ta da!

Wort wort wort!

Baby, I can work fast. But next time, I’m going to insist on a little more lead time, lol!

This film is definitely what you’d call a joint effort by the community. Certainly a lot of RvBers appear in the credits as cast and crew… it is cameos aplenty!

Laird put up the WMV file fresh off of TMRiddle‘s computer at the site a few hours ago, and I have lamely been attempting to produce a decent sized MOV file since…. if you head over there right now the WMV file is the way to go. It is 720×480 and gorgeous. The MOV is only 480×360. Gorgeous also, but smaller. I’m working on it!

And if you watch all the way to the very end of the credits you’ll not only hear a pretty oboe solo by OboeCrazy (listen also for her voice in the movie. She’s in there somewhere… okay… she plays the lead role… yay), but also you’ll hear an excerpt from the UNSC Hymn I wrote called “Valor Unyielding” sung by me, Quikthnkr, Sevenar, AmandaJ3162 and a cast of thousands. Now… how can you resist that?

Seriously, even if I weren’t associated with this project, I’d recommend it. But since I am, I command you to watch! Bwahaha

Here is the post about the movie at halo.bungie.org and here is the Halo Unyielding website.

Oh, btw, here is the trailer for HUY2, for which I also did the music…

Wow. I need a nap.


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