August 11th, 2007

#67 Use the Force (La Guerre des étoiles)

If possible, I try to put in as many Star Wars references as possible. Always. I was such a Star Wars geek back in the day… I’m talking the 1980s here. Long ago.

Well here’s something weird I just got the link for… Evidently Halochief89 used me as a basis of this character in his Halo fanfic series, which historically has me shooting a lot of zombies. LOL! I like what he writes about my sex life. So eerie. It’s like he KNOWS me! He’s commissioned Like McKay to do a “cover” for one of his earlier stories and you can see Luke put the “Elnea” Spartan in there, complete with giant Halo Pistol. Gotta love it.

I feel so immortalized. Does this mean I can die fulfilled? I’m so self-actualized now!

In your face, Dr. Maslow! In. Your. Face!

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