August 17th, 2007

#68 Zombo-Cop (Le Dead Rising)

In personal news, fall classes start on Tuesday. I need to revamp my handouts and quizzes. I ended up with like 80% As and Bs over the summer. Evidently I give too much extra credit. Ah well. I only have about 14 students again (only one section), so I am thinking I should probably send my resume to some other schools to get some more classes. This will be the third semester doing this same class and each time it is less work. Need more work! If I’m not ridiculously busy I’ll just end up running with a bad crowd, and before you know it I’ll be smoking and swearing and hollering catcalls at sailors and watching Jerry Springer. Or Dances with the Stars. My mother made me watch that show once. I still wake up screaming sometimes.


Here is the next HAFT. I showed Spyton the script for the next 10 issues and he said it made utterly no sense. Ah well. Time for a rewrite. And maybe I should make an “In Summary” issue or webpage. Or have less extra credit.

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