Men vs Women’s League Kit Bashing

September 6th, 2007

Today in the mail I got something cool. I just got this cool 12″ BBI F-15A fighter pilot. Look how much she rocks:

That is her in the middle. On her left is GI Jane US Army Helicopter Pilot (1997). Then of course, we have Canadian Mountie Barbie (1987), Spartan Barbie (bless her pink-armored fashionable little soul), and Army Barbie (1989). Alas the last two can’t stand on their own. Ah well. I still like them. Even if they aren’t very tough. Or particularly good in a fight. But hey, pretty hair!

For those of you who are sane don’t know, it turns out that the male counterparts to women who customize Barbies (with designer fashion and handmade purses and hats) are these guys who customize GI Joes and the like to make military dioramas… but of course, if they want to customize a female warrior of some sort they can’t use a Barbie. For one, Barbie’s expression is too vacuous to be threatening. Also, with the exception of the cheerleader Barbies, they are not articulated, so you can’t pose them easily. So, the models these guys use are these CY Girls, which are like Barbie, except they look tougher, can hold things, can stand on their own, and amazingly, have even LARGER breasts than Barbie. You can’t tell, because of the jumpsuit and (awesome) flight jacket, but that fighter pilot is stacked. BBI uses the CY “Perfect Body” doll base, but if you google custom CY Girls, you’ll find some amazing female action figures people have made. Like, try the “babes” page on this guy’s site. Suddenly I don’t feel so crazy for having done Barbie-117.

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