September 17th, 2007

#75 Mama’s Got Guns (Maman, Maman, où est les munitions?)

Star Wars Quote # 324: “We’ll do it real quiet like” – Han Solo

In my continuing experiments in the best materials to use when customizing Barbies, yet another Barbie has gone headless. This time I’m trying out Krylon’s “Fusion” spray paint for Plastic. The problem is at the joints, where the plastic scrapes against plastic and scrapes off the paint. No amount of sealing protects it at the joints. For Spartan Barbie, using dye in the acrylic paste and mache of the armor itself worked because even when chipped or carved, the color was underneath. But when you paint onto the flesh-tone plastic you have the problem of scratches and chips. Ah well. We’ll see

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