September 25th, 2007

#82 Hello Kitty Hell (Bonjour, Chat d’Enfer)

Note from the future: This was the release day of Halo 3, which I promised not to talk about at on behalf of those not able to get the game right away. Instead, I had a HAFT-a-day for the next seven days as entertainment for those not yet able to play the game. So, here we go… -Linnea, Dec 16, 2007

Okay, man, I am really tired. I ended up having to take a make-up quiz, rewrite my exam, go rent a car, get my kid, go get food, go drive to my mom’s blah blah blah blah and then just as I was leaving the college campus tonight after giving my Pharm exam (which it looks like my class did pretty well on), I saw this woman with a little table set up selling all sorts of weird stuff, including the most insane sparkly Hello Kitty sticker page I have ever seen. Also, in the mail today came the tiniest, most cutest pair of GI-Joe (and therefore Barbie)-sized handcuffs you ever saw (Hong Kong+eBay=Crazy Sixth Scale Military Stuff). I’ve always felt that staring into the blank black stare of Hello Kitty was as close to looking into the pits of Hell as anything on this planet. Seriously. Hello Kitty is scarier than any clowns, IMO. So, I bought the stickers and shot two new panels for HAFT for tonight. Back to the usual weirdness tomorrow.
PPS: Of course, I had some clinical questions at the end of my exam, as I always do, but I couldn’t control myself from throwing some Halo and Halo 2 references in there. I always have names for all the patients, etc, so… well… the end of my exam read as follows:

…the girl recovers and all is well. Cortana learns from her terrible mistakes and goes on to become a first-rate nurse. Mr. Johnson wins the lottery and gives you a big car that drives like a tank. Young John grows up and joins the Navy and saves the world. You are very happy you decided to go into healthcare.


Scariest. Teacher. Ever.

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