October 21st, 2007

#97 Walking Wounded (Mes camarades sont psychotiques)

So I played in the “Fight Like a Girl” charity event today – last night- whatever. As expected, I didn’t make it past the first round. I am rather proud to say, however, that I did not kill myself once. And as usual, most (2 of 3) of my kills were with those brute grenades spiky things. If there had been some sticky grenades I bet I would have had a higher kill count. I love brute grenade thingies.

Uh… and here is a link to my Halo3 profile, where you can see how unbelievably lame I am. Wow! My next level is: 1 XP! Nowhere to go but up!

Okay, here is the next HAFT. I’m not sure what will happen for #100. It depends on how fast Spyton can construct the required set piece. It is all so too much!

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