Sparky the Interloper

October 23rd, 2007

Blargh. I was originally going to have Episode #100 be the big eppy for HAFT, but I realize if I jam everything into the next two eps it will be too rushed… and it will be FOREVER before I get it out. So there might be an episode 99 1/2… and 99 3/4… we’ll see….

Anyway, had to share this photo. I got home from teaching tonight and wanted to blow off some steam so I set up for 2 issues of HAFT with the hopes that Mazha might come out and walk all over the set like she usually does. But she is feeling poorly. However, I was using a light box to light the “set” and Sparky (who, it turns out, was, like David (Bruce!) Banner, accused of crimes he didn’t commit) LOVEZZORZ the light box.

Sparky on Set

So how am I supposed to use this photo? There are no giant cats on Charon, moon of the Pluto formerly known as a planet! I mean, okay, we can suspend belief. But only so far!!!

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