January 10th, 2008

#110 He’s got the look (Monsieur Norris est magnifique)

I’ve had a variety of suggestions for Trillian the Dinosaur Ambassador’s last name:

Trillian von Frawg.
Trillian Hensley-Smythe
Trillian Agronar
Trillian Iphigenia Strangely-Brown
Trillian Pheeber
Trillian Bernard “REO” Speedwagon Chestlewick Hefferton Festerbottom.

Clearly I need to have some sort of issue or addendum more fully describing the backgrounds of each of the six council members. Well, I need it for me. I’m one of those people who actually reads all the lore in a game; it took me about 30 hours to play through Mass Effect because I insisted on reading all the technical specifications of each planet in each system. Hey, somebody wrote it and there were some funny items in there. Oh, also, I had to hear everything Captain Anderson said in the game so I could add the phrase “Were it so easy” at the end of each line of dialogue.

Try it sometime. It is sort of like that game where you add the phrase “in my pants” at the end of everybody’s sentences. Except you do it with Keith David‘s voice. Uh… on the 360.

Oh… never mind.


2 Responses to “#110 He’s got the look (Monsieur Norris est magnifique)

  1. ZZoMBiE13 Says:

    Great stuff. I love your comics. And the new locale. Well done you. 😀

  2. Rosco-128 Says:

    hmmm… if chuck has this sort of effect on the council, what’s the point of the negotiations?

    personally, i think the dino councilor’s name should be Trillian Archibald Featherington Nastyface

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