January 12th, 2008

#112 The Room Service Sucks (La nudité gratuite)

I was chatting to my friend Quikthnkr about yesterday’s HAFT comic, and that I thought perhaps I could have revealed more in the last frame about the Admiral’s feelings other than, “Nobody messes with my wife!” He e-mailed me some suggestions for other things I could have put in the last bubble:

CN (comedy): Nobody plays with my toys without permission! (works on several levels)

CN: (Darker Comedy): Nobody breaks my toys and gets away with it! (Again, several levels)

CN: (Romantic): Hang on baby. Daddy’s coming.

CN: (Hopeful): She’s alive. There’s still a chance.

CN: (Angry funny): %$%#!@*%$#$%#@&%* MIB!

CN: (Just Angry): I’m going to start killing and I’m not sure when I’ll stop!

CN: (Corn Romance): Hold on my love, I’ll save you!

CN: (Really Dark Comedy): Did I make the payment on Barbie’s Life Insurance Policy this month?

CN: (Sadistic): I wonder what they are doing to her? And can I watch?

CN: (Whiny): Why does this crap always happen to me?

CN: (Perverted/Random): I wonder what she’s wearing for the torture?

CN: (Gross): That better not be the finger she checks my prostate with!

CN: (Prayerful): Please let her be ok.

CN: (Political): I wonder if they’ve tried the waterboarding yet?

CN: (Self Involved): Well at least she won’t be laughing AND pointing next time I can’t get it up.

CN: (Oblivious): I wonder why they call them “Dog Tags?”

CN: (Religious): Catholic! She told me she was Presbyterian!

and lastly:

CN: (preposterous): If I eat these I will gain her power!

The man is a genius! Can we just say I intended ALL those meanings with the one line?


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  1. Dafydd Says:

    I just wanted to say that I love this site

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