January 18th, 2008

#115 Whose is Bigger? Mesurez le Grand Fromage

Please note that Chuck is now taking care of B’s cat “Twinkles”, napping there quietly under the battle rifle. This is how you can tell Chuck is a truly dedicated husband.


President Y’An has been previously seen in HAFT #60 and #81.

Shout out today to John C., who has been my pen pal for 28 years, which is longer than I expect most Halo players have been alive, lol. Happy Birthday, Dude.

2 Responses to “#115 Whose is Bigger? Mesurez le Grand Fromage

  1. chris119 Says:

    thats very good. i like your comic, it has so much detail, and so many things i nit, taht it makes it by its own very interesting. if you add that the story is ”kick ass”, then you can tell that its good! really good.

    also… i might add, that i really think ist good knowing someone for 30 almost years. and SURE, its longer than most halo fans have lived. most.

    but ist good knowing (a good i assume) person and keeping contact.

  2. r3v3rend Says:

    Your soap opera has kept me distracted from my work for nearly a week straight. Curse the randomness and the joy it pulls from my soul.

    Nice Halo Edition 360 you have in the background.


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