January 24th, 2008

#118 I Really Hate That Guy (Ceci n’est pas funny)

Once again my son looked at HAFT and wrinkled his brow: “Not funny. Too dark and scary.”

Yes. Scary AND Dark. Never fear, my son! I will relieve all the terrible stress and tension I am unleashing on the world with my cartoon about dollies that hold tiny coffee cups by getting #119 out there as soon as possible. I’m all about keeping the mental health of the internet community vital and strong. That is my credo!

Musical instrument trivia: The oboe made a cameo appearance in the Colonel’s quarters in HAFT #68 and #73

4 Responses to “#118 I Really Hate That Guy (Ceci n’est pas funny)

  1. Blake Says:

    Nice. Hopefully he can take them down.

  2. chris119 Says:

    good. still, you SHOULD put something about the obecrazy. in that one

  3. chris119 Says:

    oh, and i hope things will get less… ”scary” now, as the norris proceeds

  4. OboeCrazy Says:

    No! Not the Strauss!! Poor Barbie….

    Oh well. Guitar is more glamorous than oboe anyway. And then she can swing a Strat and knock it across MIBs head Pete Townsend style! 🙂

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