February 1st, 2008

#122 Three Strikes (Ne mangez pas mon visage)

After reading the opening sentence of today’s comic my son suggested I entitle the issue “Pants”.


6 Responses to “#122 Three Strikes (Ne mangez pas mon visage)

  1. TTL Demag0gue Says:

    Hehehe… I love that beat panel. 🙂

  2. pittofdoom117 Says:

    Wow, I just read every single HAFT in one sitting (i can haz c00k13?) and I must say, l find it oddly impressive. The storyline, though strange, is intriguing, and I like how you made it with action figures. Reminds me of Twisted Toyfare Theatre. Anyway, congratulations, you just got a new fan!

  3. chris119 Says:

    very good. too short, but good! love the last pannel. ”so, cant we talk about this?”


    also, on the previous user note, i read this in TWO sittings! hahahahahaha!
    lame, i know.

  4. pittofdoom117 Says:

    Ok, chris but one sitting definitely beats two. I sat hear for over an hour just to partake of the funniness, without even getting up. You can’t beat that. =P

  5. chris119 Says:

    i sat two hours, and some bit more. if it wasnt for… stuff.. i wouldnt leave. ARGH

  6. eldanesh Says:

    psshhh, i did it in HALF a sitting 😛

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