February 7th, 2008

#124 Wuv Me Do (Le Boo)

You’re all alone inside a freezer with a tiny adorable infection form.

What do you do?

What do you do?!


8 Responses to “#124 Wuv Me Do (Le Boo)

  1. hourglass Says:

    i see… i think

  2. TTL Demag0gue Says:

    Make a microwave dinner? Marie Callendar’s Flood Infection Form dinners. Perfect for when you need a dramatic life transformation and don’t have time to cook up anything elaborate.

  3. HeavenlyYeti Says:


    I’m getting more and more scared every time I read these…

  4. eldanesh Says:

    mmmm, the things i’d do…..

    😀 just kidding!

  5. pittofdoom117 Says:

    Oooook. Hey, maybe the infection form will suck the zombie out of John and heal him. Or maybe it just wants to get it on with him?

  6. chris119 Says:

    CALL…. ghostbusters!

  7. chris119 Says:

    oh, and btw, i would freak out, and search for a near weapon, if a (rather friendly, or even worse, not so friendly thing) worm infection wsa coming near. OMG ITS HERE NOW! AHHHH!


    few, that was.. cl…



    oh, ok.

  8. Bothinator Says:

    Wow. This totally reminded me of this song by Betty Johnson:

    Heh. Hilarious.

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