February 13th, 2008

#126 Valhalla (La Pastèque)

What is that watermelon doing there?

5 Responses to “#126 Valhalla (La Pastèque)

  1. Thirif Says:

    I wonder how many people other than me noticed that Steve said “Lois” in this one…? Muhahaha!!!

  2. grif Says:

    where is valhalla?

  3. Elnea Says:

    What do you mean, where is Valhalla?! It says right in the comic! LOL!

    Seriously, there is a huge impact crater on Jupiter’s moon Callisto called the Valhalla impact basin. Google it, I swear it’s true. I wanted to have a real place for our heroes to go to. I ALSO wanted to use the name Valhalla since that was the place in Norse mythology that heroes went to when they died. And since I have a story here with lots of heroes… dead or… undead… it seemed like an apt name to use.

    PS: Yes yes, he said “Lois”… and there’s another comic where he says “Love”… some times these things slip by… maybe Steve’s speech therapy is starting to really take, you know?

  4. Jefferson Says:

    I thought it was said that they were checking the ‘Asgard Crater’…. *confused* Did I miss something?

  5. Elnea Says:

    Claude wanted to go to Asgard. Lois wants to go to Valhalla. 🙂

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