February 16th, 2008

#128 The Brains in Spains (Le Writer’s Bloque)

Last night I was touching up HAFT#128 and I got stuck for the final bit of dialogue. Because I couldn’t fit “Sesame Street Live!” or “The Ice Capades!” into the little balloon at the end. Oh, you laugh. Just you wait until you are parents and you have to sit through the “Disney on Ice!” show. And they say waterboarding is torture. Ha!

This morning I asked my son Spyton for a suggestion of what the situation was “like” and his suggestion was “The 2008 Democratic National Convention.”

*rolls eyes*

Over at my blog, MadMac_5 said it was “like reading YouTube comments” and I got the following from Frankfurter:

“It’s like being told there was going to be macaroni and cheese for dinner, but there’s not cheese. It’s just macaroni. And that dry kind of macaroni. And someone threw over salted peas into the macaroni. And mushed the peas all up so they’re that gross consistency. And I know the health board is denying it, but I’m pretty sure I saw a spider fall into that pot.”

Yes… well, although that is startlingly accurate, that won’t fit into the little bubble either.

So, what would watching your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other turn into a brain eating zombie be like anyway? Help me out here. My brain exploded.

Tastes like chicken.

5 Responses to “#128 The Brains in Spains (Le Writer’s Bloque)”

  1. chris119 Says:

    it would be a hard sight to watch. it would be like the one you knew dissapears, and slowly, a other thing takes his place, a starnger, one you dont know, a shadowy existance that you must destroy, if you want to survive. and thats the hardest part… always.

    on the brighter note, you can get a good ally to spot the other zombies around! what a funny thing to have!

  2. Rosco-128 Says:

    It’s like watching the plants in your garden being slowly choked and replaced by the noxious, parasitic weeds your neihbour threw over the fence

  3. Gatchaman UK Says:

    It would be like every copy IN THE WORLD of Halo 3 slowly being exchanged (By evil ninjas) for Hour of Victory….shudder…
    It’d be really bad because you wouldn’t know when Your copy is going to turn! Nooo! I’ll go check mine now! 😮

  4. John CB Says:

    It’s like watching your best friend being taken over by the flood.

    Did anyone else notice that John 617 is in a master chief box?

  5. xCxSTRYKEx Says:

    It’s like watching Oprah.

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