February 18th, 2008

#129 You Can Never Un-See It (Le Pancréas Érotique)

JohnCB asked about the “cryo box”: I’ve been using the little box that the “Exclusive” Active Camo Halo 2 Action Figure came in as a Cryogenic Chamber mostly because it is just the right size, and every other figure I have came on a plastic bubbled card. Strangely, the figure itself has been incredibly fragile; something about the clear plastic I guess. Even with gentle handling he’s already lost an arm and leg. The other Joyride toys have been remarkably sturdy. As fragile as the figure is, the BOX is the sturdiest thing ever. I had to take John-617 in and out of that box for every shot so I could move his head and hands (although I doubt anyone but me noticed) and then reapply the chain to the outside. That box is RUGGED!

Also, I’ve been saving that game fuel all this time for these (and upcoming) shots. Tastes like Skittles! I took a sip of it about 4 months ago and I still haven’t gotten to sleep. I got the oversized Halo 3 game box at a Gamestop Halo 3 opening party in September. Luckily, I didn’t have to do pushups to get it.

6 Responses to “#129 You Can Never Un-See It (Le Pancréas Érotique)

  1. ZZoMBiE13 Says:

    Things got moved???


  2. Lord'o'Grunts Says:

    is that a kagendary helmet i see ther. XD

  3. xp194 Says:

    I agree ZZoMBiE13

    At least John has a companion to keep him company X-D

  4. discopete019 Says:

    lol kagendary…
    anyway i’m pretty sure lois was already blind, considering she never noticed steve was an elite

  5. chris119 Says:

    i will just say… he got his head an arms moved in the box?!

    wow, i didnt notice.
    that box is one tough guy. hardcore!

    it deserves its own tribute. and song.

    oh, and where is john now?!

  6. tiki 117 Says:

    he was not transfomed by a box

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