February 20th, 2008

# 130 She who travels fastest (Elle est seule)

Although I didn’t have the resources to film on location on Callisto, I understand that Callisto does support water ice and there are some theories that there may be a salt water ocean under its surface. So I think the snow works.

A bit about Callisto from the NASA website.

And thus I fulfill my public service educational quotient for the week.

Paint the sand yellow again!


3 Responses to “# 130 She who travels fastest (Elle est seule)

  1. Lord'o'Grunts Says:

    waut their ships is a halo legendary helmet on treads? thats what i call a ‘think tank”hahahaha getit becouse its a head

  2. discopete019 Says:

    in the words of donut
    “I’M SCARED!!!”

  3. chris119 Says:

    hey, cool! now, will they get a giant masterchief on their side? or… a tank that has its own opinion, huh?

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