February 24th, 2008

#131 The Mohican Effect (L’énorme chapeau vert)

Hey, what manly man doesn’t like the sports and the balls (and the bombs and explosions) of the Grifball? And how about that Team Cannonball? They are both sport-ly and balls-ly.

Action Figure Grifball Team

Note to self: Do not attempt complicated sentence structure or adjective/adverb combinations after 3AM. A girl could poke out an eye!


3 Responses to “#131 The Mohican Effect (L’énorme chapeau vert)

  1. chris119 Says:

    i dont knwo if they are sport-ly, but they sure ARE bal-ly.
    lolz. hey, thats a cool sport i would play. exept the exploding ball part.
    haha. great comic man! love that. will jason be dead. crap.

  2. chris119 Says:

    will jason die? crap

  3. r3v3rend Says:

    Reminds me of that scene from “Fire in the Sky.” Except with a giant Mark VI Helmet and itty bitty toys.

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