March 3rd, 2008

#133 I Wemember Wanda (La petite pomme de terre)

Boy, I am sure glad the McFarlane Cortana came out when she did. Because my back up plan was to use the Cortana Halo Action Clix character. To give you an idea of scale, the bottom of her Action Clix is about the size of a quarter. The problem with the ClixCortana is that she is SO tiny that you can actually see the tiny bits of floating dust particles that land on her teeny weeny head. So it was going to be tough to photograph.

I’m really pleased with the McFarlane Cortana, but to photograph her is also tough, because her blue markings really don’t show without the LED lights in her battery-powered stand, and you can’t see the contrast without back lighting with regular white light. And of course I wanted a hero shot of her with the reflective Master Chief helmet in the back, a helmet with a faceplate which reflects the entire room, camera and photographer unless photographed in the right direction. Ultimately, for that one photo, I ended up with a cockamamie setup involving posterboard, a mirror, tinfoil and a 100 Watt bulb.

Yes, this is my commitment to you, my six… I mean seven loyal viewers! Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even invest in a *gasp* tripod.


6 Responses to “#133 I Wemember Wanda (La petite pomme de terre)

  1. discopete019 Says:

    looks good

  2. dustysmash Says:

    I’ll make eight.

  3. Gatchaman UK Says:

    well done!

  4. chris119 Says:

    hey, i like it! good job, sir?

    its ok.

    and make that nine!

  5. Alonsis2 Says:

    Hey, I like this comic! You’ve got everything :action,adventure, romance, Chuck Norris.
    What more can you need?

    Hope you keep this sw33t comic going, it made its way to my favourite list.

    thumbs up! 🙂

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