March 15th, 2008

#137 Painful Demonstration (Le comédie est une tragédie?)

Our female guest star in #136 and 137 is the lovely Art S. Buck “Artist’s Model” from Sideshow Collectibles. Not really a doll, not really a model… just kind of cool. I think she’d make a kick-butt female Spartan as she is so very poseable. If only I could find the time and space for some serious sixth-scale modelling!

Our male guest star is a Max Steel figure I found in my garage. You may remember this figure as John’s stunt double in the “bathtub scene” in Issue #73: “Free with Controller”. He has great abs for close ups, and he has all sorts of weird implants printed on his skin just right for an enhanced super soldier.

7 Responses to “#137 Painful Demonstration (Le comédie est une tragédie?)

  1. DragonFire5380 Says:

    Hmmm.. This is getting good.

  2. eldanesh Says:

    ohh the confusion… my brain can’t take all of these twists!

  3. anotherhalocomicstripFTW Says:

    this interesting

  4. Shaun555 Says:

    You will probably need an exposition scene so that it can make sense to the “standard” IQ of most people. Good comic! WUV!!!

  5. chris119 Says:

    argh so, he will die. AHH

  6. r3v3rend Says:

    The Max Steel website was all in Espagnol. For some reason, that was funnier.

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