March 19th, 2008

#138 Wakey Wakey (Sonnez les matines)

Finally! No more John-In-The-Box!

5 Responses to “#138 Wakey Wakey (Sonnez les matines)

  1. anotherhalocomicstripFTW Says:

    SWEET no!!!

  2. chris119 Says:

    ”dude”. hah hillarious

  3. eldanesh Says:

    oh well, if they can’t nail the blue chick, then they can always do each other! 😀

  4. chris119 Says:

    a good comic, sir.

  5. YHIS WORLD IS CRUEL!!! hi,my name is matt damon :)) Says:

    Matt Damon says: HaHa!! i heard that!!!! :))

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