April 4th, 2008

#142 Welcome Back (Bienvenue)

Behold, the magic that is the nail-biting excitement of UNO!

8 Responses to “#142 Welcome Back (Bienvenue)

  1. HALOFAN117 Says:

    that was funny
    honestly it could no be funnier
    but why choose UNO to be the magic word?
    still really funny
    could not stop laughing

  2. HALOFAN117 Says:

    cannot wait for the next one
    when is it coming out?

  3. JD Says:


  4. eldanesh Says:

    ahaha, i always knew uno was good for something other than throwing at people….

  5. Shaun555 Says:

    I was really expecting it to be WUV great comic.

  6. HALODUDE_9,999,999,999 Says:

    L-O-EFFING-L, you gave that away with uno being in the story line alot

  7. chris119 Says:

    oh no! what will happen this time? curses, you raise my agony level!!!! ARRGH

  8. r3v3rend Says:

    Hrk! Bl..!

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