April 19th, 2008

#144 Wuvvy takes a Nap (Le mauvais cor français)

It is a well-known fact that all super-villains play brass instruments and drink milk.

However, only the truly evil can do both at the same time.

6 Responses to “#144 Wuvvy takes a Nap (Le mauvais cor français)

  1. eldanesh Says:

    cthen what about doing all that while playing uno and reading playtoy? 😉

  2. John CB Says:

    UNO!!!! And cortana is on the playboy cover!

  3. Brian Says:

    Elnea is a republican!!!


  4. jldwolfe Says:

    is it just me or dose the guy in the far right of the last frame have his hand in a very inappropriate place while staring down at that playboy mag?

  5. chris119 Says:

    i drink milk.. OH MY! am i… a vilain? DUN DUN DUN

    no im not.

    i dont play instruments, lol.

    haha good comic.

  6. ilieme101 Says:

    Wonga? hehe, just kidding. This one was funny.

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