April 29th, 2008

#145 Seeing Double (Sacre bleu! Les twinz!)

I think Lily Black was pretty hot.

Sorry for the delay here… I had the flu which knocked me for a loop. Blargh. Also, honk. Remember kids, always wash your hands, eat right, get plenty of sleep and never, ever, EVER fly in an airplane. Those things are just mobile coast-to-coast petrie dishes of disease. Ew.


5 Responses to “#145 Seeing Double (Sacre bleu! Les twinz!)

  1. Peppa Says:

    Ever since it was first mentioned he’d lost his twin children I knew without a doubt that it was the TWINZZZ.


  2. Shaun555 Says:

    Sorry bout the Flu, that always sucks (unless you can marathon Halo 3), Twinz!!!

    Look its Wuvvy!

  3. chris119 Says:

    well sir, i hope you got better from the flu.

    also.. snape?

  4. r3v3rend Says:

    Like the obscure RVB reference. “Spikes on Kittens.” HAH!

  5. eliot p Says:

    the to do list says ‘put spikes on kittens’
    RvB for the win

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