June 5th, 2008

#148 The Gunslingers (Les hommes qui portent des pistolets)

Hey, look! I’m not dead! YAY!

7 Responses to “#148 The Gunslingers (Les hommes qui portent des pistolets)

  1. TTL Demag0gue Says:

    w00t! Six-shooter-toting Gunslingers to the rescue! Oo-rah!

    Welcome back, Elnea! We missed you! I was just thinking the other day that HAFT hadn’t updated in awhile.

  2. DragonFire5380 Says:

    Where did you get the Six-shooters from Elnea?
    And yeah, you can’t release these things fast enough!

  3. chris119 Says:

    yeah! they are alive

  4. NiTrOuS 343 Says:

    hmm… is this a dark tower reference? sounds to me like the green and steel spartan is detta walker from the way she talks. if so, this is the second halo comic with dark tower ingrained into it; reclaimer also is filled with references.

  5. Elnea Says:

    The Gunslingers are a reference to the Dark Tower gunslingers by way of the Gunslinger Clan, the clan of Tied the Leader (TTL). I met some of the TTL Gunslingers about a year ago and was impressed with their good sportsmanship, good manners and all-around goodness. You can learn more about them at

    I also highly recommend the past and current Dark Tower comic book (or do you say graphic novel?) series penciled by Jae Lee and published by Marvel. The story is very dramatic and the artwork is beautiful.

  6. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    Hey Elena! I sure hope you have been enjoying your summer. If you are not going to be posting another installment anytime soon, can you at least post a message so we know you didn’t fall down somewhere and stuck for the last month or so? LOL

    Best wishes, and this has become one of my life’s quests, to see the beginning to the end of this story…


  7. Thirif Says:

    <3 wuv HAFT! plz update soon!

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