August 12th, 2008

#150 In Your Head (Comment allez-va? Cheveux bleus. Vachon)

I’ve been extremely discouraged about the color on the last… dozen or so HAFTs and it was becoming increasingly painful to take my photos with my trusty Kodak DX3900, which required a ton of color adjustment with photoshop. I tried getting a new camera, but the newer equivalent Kodak camera has all sorts of automatic light adjustments just… look worse. The last few HAFTs have been either too yellow cast or blurry or… meh.

So, I moved my whole set up from Eevil Twin Studios (my bedroom) and into the Tai Chi Knees Studio (my home office/music room), which has a lot of windows, and I got 2 of those 100mW- equivalent new fangled swirly light bulbs. I did these no-flash shots today with the natural light and the two bulbs (and a tiny LED light shining on the back of the tiny HaloCLIX Cortana). Now the figures actually look the correct color with no post-processing necessary.

Now my only problem is my office is (more) filled with HAFT stuff. Tsk tsk. The wacky things people will do for a little attention on the internet. I mean… really.


6 Responses to “#150 In Your Head (Comment allez-va? Cheveux bleus. Vachon)

  1. Louis Wu Says:

    I was fine until I followed that Chris link. Where do you FIND this stuff?

    And now I’m wondering how many other titles you’ve… appropriated. Hmm…

  2. Jason Says:

    You know, it’s really scary when a character not only has your name but your exact personality. I wonder if he even looks like me under that helmet.

    However, one difference is that in real life, blue A.I.s do not stare at my behind… regular girls don’t even do that to me, to my knowledge, anyway.

  3. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    Hey, Elena…whats up with the Ark of the Covenant? And where did you find one that small for HAFT?

  4. Elnea Says:

    I was strolling through a local Target store and passed an Indiana Jones action figure with the Ark of the Covenant… and I thought… “must… have… Ark….”

    My plan had been that the Gunslingers would be this elite force working for the Admiral and their ship would be inexplicably full of loot. And I thought it would be funny if they just happened to have the Ark of the Covenant lying around their ship. I figure they store their xbox and 360 games in there, don’t you think?


  5. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    Aha! Loot! Now I get it…fabulous Faberge egg you have there too!

  6. chris119 Says:

    quite nice comix

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