September 1st, 2008

#151 The Littlest Spartan (Les rouges et les blancs sont canadiens)

The Tied the Leader clan, known as The Gunslingers, were in Chicago this weekend for one of their biannual LAN parties. They play by a standard of good sportsmanship and end every game by saying “Good Game!”. I was privileged enough to attend the event and had an absolutely wonderful time. Most relevant to this comic, however, was that they held a private auction to benefit the TTL Foundation at which I scored a new cyan Halo 2 Action Figure and a spectre vehicle. New color Spartan = new character. Which means I can work on a new story arc. Yay!


7 Responses to “#151 The Littlest Spartan (Les rouges et les blancs sont canadiens)

  1. Stuicide Says:

    Glad you made it out Elnea!

    I almost got in a bidding war for that Spartan… Almost…

  2. Mr.Canuck Says:

    Not a regular here, so maybe there’s something I don’t know…But why does being short make them Canadian? *Confused* Aren’t we usually shown as living in igloos or watching hockey and drinking beer?

  3. Splatter Says:

    The ‘short = Canadian’ thing is (I believe) a reference to the Disney film ‘Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause’ in which Tim Allen hatched a plot to bring the in-laws to the North Pole without revealing to them that he is in fact “Santa”.. They changed all the signs and the elves covered their ears. When asked why they were all so short, the reply was “They’re Canadians”.

    Not as good as the first (or second) film, but cute. It was late, I was awake, and it was on the tube..

  4. Elnea Says:

    No, no! The reason she thinks they might be Canadian is that they are wearing red armor. The Canadian team in the HAFT series wears red armor and uses Roman numerals as their numeric designations. The French “translation” of the title says: “The reds and the whites are Canadians.” It has absolutely nothing to do with their height.

    Actually, most Canadians I’ve met have been rather tall.


    For information on the different teams and characters, you can click on the “HAFT Characters” link at the left.


  5. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    Alpha one…kinda like the Canadian superhero team, Alpha Flight???

    Hee hee Marvel Comics reference…

  6. chris119 Says:

    i like how the last panels show him to play with the ultimate team member. graet job

  7. Wesley B Says:

    I liked Alpha Flight for some reason.

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