March 9th, 2009

#158 Admiral’s Choice (Le dinosaur attend)

I’ve received (or dreamt up) many questions:  Why is the Admiral in his dress whites rather than civilian wear?  What is the dinosaur’s opinion?  Why is Eldrad a tiny round anime critter? Why would a Dalek want to sign a treaty?

Well of course, a Dalek could never actually sign a treaty, since it has a toilet plunger for a hand.  And in the HAFT universe, Daleks like Otis (named after inventor Elisha Otis of elevator fame) aren’t taken quite as seriously as their BBC “real life” counterparts.

 Otis the Dalek Ambassador gets dissed

Next up, my big chance to use my “B-Movie Horror Film Victims” action figures.  Oh joy!

3 Responses to “#158 Admiral’s Choice (Le dinosaur attend)

  1. Jim Says:

    Always good stuff, Linnea. Nice to see you back in action again. 🙂

  2. OboeCrazy Says:

    Timelist entry of a Spartan EVER! 😀

  3. id Says:

    keep it coming

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