May 17th, 2009

#177 The Last Straw (Le cadeau de la vie)

If only I could indicate slow motion in a comic strip… I got that shot by suspending B on fishing line from a microphone boom like this.

I need a new hobby.

8 Responses to “#177 The Last Straw (Le cadeau de la vie)

  1. Jim Says:

    Oh, but we love that you have this particular hobby. 🙂

  2. OMG Says:

    oh damn she’s dead!!!!

  3. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    Maaan, I stop obsessively checking this site for updates for ONE WEEK and Elena whips out 3 updates! Woot!

    Oh, and what about the kids????

  4. Jim Says:

    @OMG – No one’s said she’s dead. She’s wearing MJOLNIR, after all. She’ll have nothing more than a flesh wound.

  5. HSAR Says:

    @Jim: But it was supposed to kill Chuck Norris… what couldn’t it kill?

    I was rather expecting it to be a Spartan Laser or something more powerful-sounding, though.

    Like, DOUCHEBAG or BOOMSHAKA would have been more exciting 😛

  6. OMG Says:

    i love your hobby of making HAFT comics i,ll kill myself if did get a new hobby

  7. GreyouTT(Chad) Says:

    Uh-oh he’s done the worst thing someone can do P$#@ off Chuck Norris

  8. tweedehands spullen Says:

    Ik ben al tijden een vaste bezoeker, en dit is super cool !

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