June 1st, 2009

#182 Puppet Masters (La salle blanche)

The more I play with… ahem… I mean… examine McFarlane’s Cortana, the more lovely I think she is. What a beautiful job he did with her. I only wish I could show you better the way she looks lit up.

10 Responses to “#182 Puppet Masters (La salle blanche)

  1. OMG Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaa oh its not the end the war has just begun

  2. oro maaka Says:

    tacos! 😀

  3. Zero Says:

    I’ve been observing your series for some time and it is very good. Also are you gonna ever show some of the covenant aliens in not as the covenant of course but as an alien or something.

  4. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    …..The Astral Plane is like being on the inside of an ipod? /shivers….

  5. Elnea Says:

    To Zero:
    Well of course Steve is an Elite. I’ve got three Elites right now. No Arbiter. I suppose I should get one. And one of the Ambassadors is a Brute. In the earlier storyline the main villain (Dr. Higgins) was a Prophet action figure. I’ve actually got a second one now. I should really get some grunts. Yeah. I need a grunt. The only one I have is in active camo. Off to eBay!!

  6. Zero Says:

    To Elnea:
    No I mean the Halo 3 Covenant figures and they do sell a camo arbiter now and also you should get a hunter but more importantly they are amking a camo brute stalker and a jet pack brute and a halo 3 version of sargeant johnson with a spartan laser. Oh yeah I also like he fact that you use lego ships and a Wii Sterring Wheel as a station

  7. pingpong Says:

    what does she mean by “keep your pants on big guy”. to me it looks like a jump-suit

  8. pingpong Says:

    Oh yeah what spores and what the heck are spores.

  9. liam Says:


  10. Church Says:

    Dinch. Period. (Dinch mean ? .)

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