June 4th, 2009

#183 Amor Vincit Omnia (Triomphes d’amour)

HALO 3 SPOILER ALERT: You know how at the end of Halo 3 when it looked like everyone but the Admiral was dead and you saw the numbers “117” scratched into the memorial and then you got that message from Bungie on your TV and your heart just totally sank? Yeah, well, I thought about doing that… just to draw things out. Maybe I’d have had you guys read a “So long and thanks for all the fish!” message or a whole bunch of fake credits before I let you know everything was going to be okay. But you know what? That’s really mean! Do you hear me, Bungie people?! I’m talkin’ to you! I was so sad at the end of Halo 3. And then I had to watch all the credits (“For the Horde!”) chewing my nails with my heart in my throat and then finally I saw things were okay.



Anyway… Chuck Norris has saved the day. Of course he has. Come on. He’s Chuck Norris.

16 Responses to “#183 Amor Vincit Omnia (Triomphes d’amour)

  1. JRCB Says:

    Wait…. Chuck Norris’ tears can bring people back from the dead?

    I’d believe it.

  2. pittofdoom Says:

    Chuck Norris crying? This comic just lost all of it’s believability. =P

  3. pingpong Says:

    who, how, what, when, brain CAN NOT handle the story is to much for it, it is exploding hrk… bleh

  4. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    Just remember, that message from Bungie said that you kick ass, and it’s true! 🙂

  5. MXdave Says:

    if you look in the top right panel you’ll see that steve(the elite) is still alive and his head was blown off. hmm does that mean that this is not the end for our heroes? wel l goodbye hrk bleh…

  6. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    I….think I know comes next, I think I know the miracle, and WHY it happens…but I’m not saying anything yet….hrk bleh… 🙂

  7. qandqfilms Says:

    is it over it cant be over nooooooo

  8. Kev Says:


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  9. Thomas Says:

    bets halo comic thing ever congrats

  10. Thomas Says:

    make more it wouled be cool

  11. william Says:

    noo there dead all dead….

    but dose this mean the end of this site???

    or will he make more comics

  12. william Says:

    can someone tell me how make a good halo toy comic i know the pic stuff i just want to know how to make the bubble things


    i have xbox live so you can make a reply to me

    my xboxlive name is spartan w 007

    thanks for ur help

  13. JamBlog Says:

    What do you think about xboxlive stopping halo 2? crappy move eh.

  14. standing cat Says:

    Greetings! Can I, take photos from your site for my school project?

  15. Elnea Says:

    That’s fine; thanks for asking. What’s your project about, sounds fun! You can also e-mail me at

  16. Church Says:

    YOU BEAT HALO 3!!???????#!??!!?!!?!!?! Brace yourselves. I’m gonna say a bad word. @$#&*@#

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