October 18th, 2009

Guest Comic: OboeCrazy

Several months ago my BFF OboeCrazy sent me the above comic as a gentle push to start writing Halo Action Figure Theater again. But I do these issues as the spirit hits me; I really have to be in the mood to sit on the floor and spend hours playing and photographing my dollies… I mean… action figures… and their tiny pistols, grenades and 1:6 scale waffles. It happens that the spirit has hit me again and I’ve already got a few issues made. New one tomorrow. For today please enjoy OboeCrazy’s take on the world of HAFT.

PS: The Halo 3 sniper figure with the scout helmet and Hayabusa shoulders is a custom job Oboecrazy did of her old in-game avatar. Nice work!

2 Responses to “Guest Comic: OboeCrazy”

  1. Waffeln Says:

    delicate! *). Thanks for sharing

  2. Church Says:

    Spike grenades sure are big!

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