October 19th, 2009

#184 What Was the Plot Again? (J’ai oublié tout )

When we last saw everyone:

Six had been unable to deactivate the zomb-o-tron 9000 because she was overwhelmed by MIB zombies.

Jason had seen Brad join the fight, thus bringing all the zombies together. As instructed by the blue lady, he swung the magic grifball hammer thus killing all the zombies. Also, a bunch of people were killed in the fight in the old-fashioned fighty shoot-’em-up way.

Colonel O’Hara (Barbie) took a bullet for Chuck Norris and died in Chuck’s arms, prompting him to cry. *gasp*

As for Black, Admiral Norris roundhouse kicked him through the hull of the space station; Black doesn’t know the twinz are his kids and are alive.

DEAD: Lois, Jason, John, Brad, Claude (eaten by zombies), Betty, Cent-Cinq

ALIVE: Steve, Six, Tony, Pikachu/Eldrad, some Gunslingers and an Uber Ultimate Squad Alpha One guy

3 Responses to “#184 What Was the Plot Again? (J’ai oublié tout )

  1. Adam Says:

    do you know where i can get halo 1 figures?

  2. Elnea Says:

    At this point I get all my Halo 1 figures from eBay.

  3. Church Says:

    Where do you get odst figures? (Don’t say from ebay please. I’m a kid, Elnea. )

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