December 9th, 2009

#191 I’m Looking Through You (le fantôme nu)

We first saw the ghosty version of Rhonda way back in HAFT #136. Also, as we’ll recall from HAFT #139, the blue lady thinks Jason is hot.

4 Responses to “#191 I’m Looking Through You (le fantôme nu)

  1. Vlet Says:

    does it count as irony that HAFT has better charcters, more development, and a deeper plot than most everythignon tv these days?

  2. OboeCrazy Says:

    I love the Beatles

  3. spartan w 007 Says:

    so the comics are back not bad

  4. Zero Says:

    So are you gonna use any of the new Haol 3 Figures besides the flood creature in your comics cause I think it would be really funny to see you do something with the brutes and grunts and stuff like that.

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