January 7th, 2010

#194 Carry That Weight (J’ai trouvé une fille)

I’d write something terribly clever here but I’m on game hour number sixty-one in Dragon Age and I finally got to the Landsmeet. No time to talk, must bargain with Arls!

7 Responses to “#194 Carry That Weight (J’ai trouvé une fille)

  1. grif Says:

    john is a pervert
    what hapend to six and johns kid?
    what is jason going to do to Rhonda?
    and what is loises preditiod mean in english (not freakey grunt level IQ english real english)

  2. Elnea Says:

    …and what about Naomi?!

  3. grif Says:

    what ? how is Naomi ?

  4. grif Says:

    if that was suposed to be sarcatic im i am a bit littoral and dont get those kind of staytment for a while. i watch (ex RedVSblue) or read somthig funny (ExHAFT) then go to bed and wake up and laugh my self crazey finaley geting some of the humore

  5. VICTORIA Says:

    Jason is a pervade so is the chief

  6. raptor Says:

    Nice Ps I’m victoria

  7. raptor Says:


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