January 10th, 2010

#195 No Reply (Je ne comprends pas)

First, a thank you for the nomination to the Halo Community Awards on Hawty McBloggy’s Site. Whichever one of you nominated me gets a big hug and a kiss… or a friendly handshake, depending on your preference.

Second, I was over at Target (le Target) today and I saw the doll in the image below. Although I absolutely am for female empowerment in the doll/action figure industry, and in the Barbie franchise in particular, the packaging on this doll made me laugh out loud.
You go, girlfriend!
Astronaut Barbie IS a rocket scientist, bub!

6 Responses to “#195 No Reply (Je ne comprends pas)

  1. tristan Says:

    was that wuv wat the hell append to steve and lois & barbie (steves mom)

  2. tristan Says:

    when is this all gonna end is this the first comic u ever did cuz its my fav

  3. grif Says:

    this is funny. is the flood (or watever you are going to call it ) supose to have a British acsent.
    love HAFT its awsome

  4. Vlet Says:

    I sense a hidden message in the Aurebesh…

  5. Vlet Says:

    oh, nevermind, it was just cropped… and intentionally garbled… cool!

  6. raptor Says:

    Poor creature Ps make some more comics dude

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