January 12th, 2010

#196 The New Girl (Ooh! Une couverture!)

When you return from the dead, you mysteriously grow copious amounts of luxurious and gently curled shiny hair. So says me.

Hey! You think it’s easy finding a girl doll that’s about the same height as a Halo 1 or 2 action figure? It isn’t! But look how articulated she is! Well you can’t tell there, but maybe you can see in the last comic. Such a step up from Barbie. Even cheerleader Barbie (what I used to build Spartan Barbie) couldn’t move her ankles. There may be hope for girls’ toys after all!


One Response to “#196 The New Girl (Ooh! Une couverture!)

  1. Vlet Says:

    I’m so happy this is being updated again!

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