January 15th, 2010

#197 SNAFU (Le dinosaur sait)

Will Rhonda have a speech impediment forever? Will the team drive Claude insane? And what about Naomi?

3 Responses to “#197 SNAFU (Le dinosaur sait)

  1. grif Says:

    come back lois my breath not that bad

  2. JRCB Says:

    Who’s that guy in the last panel? (in the back)

  3. Elnea Says:

    To JRCB: That is an action figure of a Final Fantasy VII character called Sephiroth. I picked him up at a Wizard World Chicago convention from a Japanese toy seller who was selling … Japanese toys. The proprietor said to me in enthusiastic broken English, “This toy… VERY popular!” I HAD to buy the action figure, however, because the broken English on the packaging described his wonderful features such as:
    “Coming with his sword!” “A display stand!” “His coat is made of a soft vinyl material!” I mean, who can resist that?

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