February 28th, 2010

#200 HAFT Legends (Allez, Speed Racer!)

I watched the Halo Legends DVD the other night and thought I’d use my #200 comic as an homage. As always, I’d like to give special thanks to LouisWu and hbo for allowing HAFT to have a home here at for 200 plus issues of this very silly comic. Seriously, 200? That’s a lot of time for me to spend playing with these dollies. Ha!

2 Responses to “#200 HAFT Legends (Allez, Speed Racer!)

  1. grif Says:

    i love anime and halo but when there get put togther you eather get halo legend a seven epsoid seris that don’t even follow the game ,some crazy fan fic , or a female spartans how has gone to through the light and back seing things as your Final Fantasy charters said “how odd”
    lol lol lol lol
    extremly funny

  2. Vlet Says:

    yeah, I have no idea what just happened…

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